Pix Crediário: The Sales accelerator your business needs

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Woovi Pix Crediario
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Pix Crediário: The Sales accelerator your business needs

Get to know Pix Crediário, an innovative system to manage your own installment plans charged through Pix. Agility, simplicity and security come together to create an innovative sales experience.

Simplified Management

Increase Sales and Reduce Bad Debt

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Woovi pix Crediario Plataform

How does Pix Credit work?

Woovi's Pix Crediário is a digital pix installment management tool. First, the merchant selects or registers the customer, defining the value of the sale and payment terms. Then a payment link is generated and sent to the client. He chooses the number of installments and pays the first. Done, sale complete!

Benefits of Pix Crediário

You set the rules

Flexibility for the Client

Fast and Practical

Access for Sellers

Sending by email

Send by WhatsApp

Credit analysis

Agreement for Defaulting Customers

Dashboard and Reports

Pix Crediário + Printed Booklet

Woovi's Pix Crediário also offers the option to print a booklet personalized with your brand. Offer your customers all installments detailed information in a tangible, personalized format.

Pix Crediario: The credit card revolution within reach of your business.

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Woovi is a complete platform that helps companies increase their sales and build customer loyalty, offering different features, such as Pix, Cashback and other solutions.

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