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Our mission is to empower retailers.

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We are a team of smart people who want to grow

Woovi was born to empower shopkeepers and customers. Through Pix, we eliminate intermediaries, reduce fees and generate more conversions for shopkeepers. For consumers, we generate benefits (cashback and giftback) and give them more autonomy at the time of purchase (credit).

Woovi Team

Woovi is much more than a means of payment

Our team is spread across seven states and believes it works quickly, simply, and transparently. We believe in a level of work with quality, where we trust and respect our colleagues. Our time is remote and face-to-face. We meet at face-to-face events to work together, learn, have fun and align our strategy.

Woovi Team

How we work

Value time

We have a daily meeting. We work autonomously, communicate asynchronously and help each other. Every week we demonstrate what we do.

Annual meetings

Once a year, we put together the entire team to relate, have fun and align the strategic vision.

Modern Tools

We use the best and most modern tools to do our work: Cloud, Slack, JavaScript, Pipedrive, Figma, Miro and more.

Hybrid team

Our team is spread throughout several states and works remotely and in person with communication by Slack.

Move fast

Our goal is to continue making the best product we can. Always delivering value to our users and partners.

Learn in public

We share our knowledge in internal docs and external articles. We believe that public knowledge is transformative.


Sales & Customer Success

SDR - Sales Representative - BR

Closer - BR

CS - Customer Success



Content Analyst

Marketing Analyst


PM - Product Manager - Giftback

PM - Product Manager - Cashback

PM - Product Manager - Offline & PDV

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Woovi is a complete platform that helps companies increase their sales and build customer loyalty, offering different features, such as Pix, Cashback and other solutions.

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