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CS - Customer Success

CS - Customer Success

Job description

Customer success CS build and support long term relationship with customers.

Main attributions

  • Listen and understand customers demands & challenges
  • Help customers transition from sales prospects to active customers.
  • Drive a “lean startup” style environment of constant experimentation and learning
  • Execute growth strategies
  • Prospect and close relationships with key target merchants

Job overview

CS is a key customer support role. We take it very seriously. Excepcional customer relationship is our key objectives. To be successfully as Customer Success in the company, it is necessary to pay close attention to customers going beyond simple engagement.

Your role main role is make the customer conformable to share, criticize and share objectives that was and are desired when he/she contracted our solution or used our services. Solid and focused support and customer service system is very important to generate proximity and trust, bringing customers closer to the company.

The key metric we expect is customer success and growth. For this, special attention must be paid to customer satisfaction at all times.

Expected competencies

  • Customer driven – Relentless passion and focus on customers
  • Pro-active - Ability to engage with customers
  • Long term perspective – easily move others to action by planning, motivating, organizing and controlling work being done
  • Communication Skills – Communicate clearly and listen to customers
  • Goal Oriented – Naturally motivated to reach goals

How to apply

Apply here for CS - Customer Success


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