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Woovi is a Startup that enables shoppers to pay as they like. To make this possible, Woovi provides instant payment solutions for merchants to accept orders.

Today we have two products: Woovi and OpenPix

We were born as OpenPix, which helped us to see the possibility of also helping the buyer and that's how Woovi was born.

Job description

Woovi continues to grow a lot and we are looking for people to help us scale our work.

The senior person will be responsible for designing, architecting and building new features that we want to venture into and invest in. Also maintain the quality of code, process and product within the various existing features. It is important that we care about how people feel within our company and try to bring the best experience to the team.

In the following link we have defined the challenges that we have in view for our team so that you understand what you will build with us and help us

Woovi challenges as a company


Gist with the description of our challenge

Our challenge is a replica of our day-to-day. The same consists of building a CRUD based on our technologies.

In addition to technology, the challenge takes you to immersion in a work routine at a startup. When talking about startup, understand that we are one because we are building something new and without definitions previously defined by other people. So our routine is to code reasonably well. But more than that, unlocking the business and making the best decision to deliver what the customer needs.

Stack - https://dev.to/woovi/woovi-stack-5fom

  • Backend: MongoDB, NodeJS, Koajs, GraphQL
  • Frontend: React, Relay

Theme - CRUD Fullstack GraphQL + Relay

The theme is free, you decide what to build on. We want to see your defining skill in an open scope.


The deadline for delivery is free. However, the sooner the more chances of the vacancy being yours.

You doubt

Doubts can be taken directly on the Sibelius discord channel. Doubts are free and can be taken 24/7. We want to see what your communication skills are like and how to unlock yourself


The challenge is the same from junior to senior. CRUD is an intriguing topic and with it we can understand the knowledge of each person who decides to code.

Relay Workshop

Request access to the relay workshop to @sseraphini on twitter by submitting your github

The Workshop is to help you learn, understand and use the relay in your challenge


In addition to CRUD, if you decide to venture into a senior scope you also have the task of designing a subject-based architecture as if we were going to define, plan, design and implement our next feature core.

Pix Credit Architecture

How would you design the architecture for a Pix Credit feature


Your repository must be opensource to help the next challengers and community Check challenge references here -> Awesome Woovi Challenge

Finishing the challenge

After finishing the challenge, push the github repo to daniloab and set up a call with him https://twitter.com/daniloab_

You decide when to talk with me and feel free to call me on Twitter, Linkedin, whatelse.

Learn in public

We like people who give back to the community what they learn from it. That's why we invest heavily in public learning.

Our challenge is carried out with the support of our team, mentoring and training candidates during the process.

Because of this you can enter in our discord channel and take all the necessary doubts, including helping the people who are in the challenge too

Discord Invite - go to woovi-challenge channel


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Av. Santo Amaro, 3432
Brooklin - São Paulo.


Woovi é uma plataforma para você comprar de forma divertida, ganhar descontos e cashback.

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